The library as a community

Visit from honours students of Dr Zoë Sadokierski & Dr Jacquie Lorber-Kasunic, May 2017. Photograph by Jackson Mann.

During the past two months I’ve had countless rich conversations about the UTS Library; thank you all!  One such conversation with Susan Hansen, a PhD student, led her to writing the following. It’s a delightful reminder that the Library is much more than a place: we make the Library, we are the Library. My last day on site is the coming Monday and I will miss the community – and particularly the brilliant staff of the Library – immensely. Thank you Susan, as well!

“Megan came here from Singapore to do her PhD. If you ask her, she would describe herself as ‘part of the furniture’ of the post-graduate research room on the top floor of the library. However, if you take the time to ask a handful of semi-regulars, you will quickly discover that she is much more than that.

Megan represents the soul of the post-graduate research room, without which, it may just feel like any other room, with desks many different people temporarily occupy.

Megan is quiet, like most of us are in this silent section of the library, but she connects and unifies us through her actions. Her waves, her post-it note messages and her frequent distribution of many different wonderful foods.

Megan has transformed the post-graduate room from a space to do work, to a community of people connected, encouraging and supporting each other in their academic endeavours at UTS. 

The UTS Library is not just a building. It is the one place that brings together all students, all staff and all faculties. It is the heart of the university which provides the physical space where Megan, and others, can nurture a community. In this library, we are reminded of the human side of being part of UTS.

Megan is going home back to Singapore soon. But for me, and many others, she will continue to remain a significant part of our post-graduate research room library experience. She has impacted us in ways that can not be measured, but will be continue to be felt well after she has left.”

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